Ancient Night sky

The northwestern edge of Iran boasts the presence of old religious and cultural relics. One of these places is St. Dzor Dzor Monastery, which is also known as St. Mary Church. In fact, the church is the only remnant of the monastery which was destroyed over the past years.

Dzor Dzor Church was introduced as Unesco World Heritage site in July, 6th, 2008 and it’s also one of the most beautiful church in Iran.

This church was built with the efforts of Archbishop Zakaria Bestachi and also managed by priest Hovhannes Yerzngatsi, also called Zor Zoretsi, in the 14th century.

The church is 7.23 m long and of 5.10 m wide. The church was Relocated just because of made dam and The relocation took about 25 days, during which every stone of the church was enumerated and transferred to a location 600 meters away and 110 meters higher than its first location. Because some parts of the church were destroyed or buried under loads of soil used in the process of making the dam, new stones of the same type but with a different color were used for the reconstruction.

This photo was taken in summer 2018 when I had a chance to photograph this amazing church at night.

Astonishing night sky and magnificent Church was by far the best scenery I have ever seen.


Night Sky


Tehran, The largest city in Iran and one of the largest city in Western Asia with almost 800 Square Km.

what I like most about Tehran is a sense of community so it introduce Tehran as lively city but what I really don’t like about this huge city is light pollution. Strong barrier that cause people not to be able to see night sky and they don’t have chance to enjoy stargazing.



This photo shown the Lunar Eclipsed moon rose above Tehran and made magnificent view that people never forgot. These kind of astronomical events could remind people that night sky is a part of Nature and should conserve.

This photo was taken in Lunar Eclipse in Winter of 2018 form Milad Tower, the tallest building in Capital of Iran, Tehran.