Architecture and Mysticism

The Persian artist elevates his/her soul from the material world and ascends to the celestial realm through his work. He/she reaches spiritual perfection through his/her work and shares with godly art. The architectural artist does not show the traces of himself in his work. He believes himself as a being, a tool to reach his spiritual goals. The language that the artist uses to convey the spiritual messages of his own mystical universe is symbolic. The symbolic language expresses the knowledge which is gained by logic and that is wisdom. Architecture and Mysticism

From the traditional Iranian view, human beings and the universe are the products of the holy craft. Humans, the universe, and the architecture of holy sites from the ontological view are ultimately related to the divine essence. In fact, all the cosmological, anthropological, and art philosophy matters from the perspective of Iranian art refer to this view that we are from one God and to God, we return.

Human is a temple in which the soul resides. Similar to human beings, the universe lives by that same soul. Mosques, churches and etc are the house of God, a building in which people must feel God’s presence and enjoy the descent of graces of the Lord almighty which come from the soul.

So all of these matters somehow are one and the duty of the architectural artist is to show this oneness through his tools. We are witnessing buildings all around Iran that show this concept well and if you can connect with these buildings and their atmosphere you can somehow connect with the universe, your inner self, and God. Although Sama, Dance of the Soul ,Architecture and Mysticism.