Armenian Church

If you look at the building from an overlooking tall location, you can see a cross shape that on the courtyards on both sides of it are the places to bury the dead. Apart from the cross shape of a building and the cross on the graves, nobody might notice that the building is a church; because it has no bell tower at all. Armenian Church

Gregory Armenian Church in Shanbadi (شنبدی) neighborhood of Bushehr was built in the Qajar period by Avadian (آوادیان) family who was one of the prominent Armenian families living in Bushehr. The church includes an amphitheater, altar, and some rooms on both sides of the altar, and two corridors on either side of the hall. It has also two metal bells on the northern corridor of the church transversely despite the bell tower.

The largest part of the church is the amphitheater which is about 12 meters long and 8 meters wide. Seven wooden columns with beautifully decorated upper parts help to strengthen the building more. The most important and most interesting part of the church is the altar area which is connected to the Hall by the stairs that are placed symmetrically on either side.

Nowadays, this church has become quiet for a few years since the restarting in 1974. Siraf Archaeological Museum