Ash-e Doogh


Grains: ½ cup
Rice 4-5 spoon
Coriander and spinach( each a medium bunch) and a bit of chard
Peas: 1 cup cooked
Flour 1 tablespoon
Egg: 1
salt and pepper
Yogurt: 4 cups


To have sour yogurt keep the yogurt out of the fridge for one day, then stirring it, add some water(this can be done by a blender too). Chop the whole veggies and with the peas put them at your hand. You can also add one cup of boiled leaved cabbage. Now cooking the grains and rice, add dough/watery yogurt and before it boils constantly stir it. After starting to boil, add the chopped veggies and peas till the veggies are quite cooked. Now cut the green peppers from the mid part, add them too and at the end check the food for the salt and its pepper.