Ash-e Tarkhineh

Tarkhineh Soup

Tarkhineh is a dried food ingredient, made of a mixture of fermented grain and yoghurt/fermented milk, found in Middle Eastern cuisine. The texture of the dry tarkhineh is in the shape of uneven crumbs that is cooked as a thick soup with water or milk.

You can eat Tarkhineh in all seasons, but in winter, it is recommended because it has a positive effect on treating the colds. Tarkhineh is made of half-beaten wheat, dried mint, and other local vegetables along with turmeric and salt that are soaked in yogurt for several days.

This soup is cooked a little bit differently by Lor and Kurdish ethnicities, and may even be prepared with various legumes such as lentils, beans, and mung bean. Tarkhineh could be bought from the apothecaries. It is a semi-prepared ingredient, but it won’t be spoiled easily and doesn’t even need to be put in the refrigerator.


Tarkhineh 250 grams. Ash-e Tarkhine

1/2 cup peas.

1/2 cup beans.

1/2 cup of lentils.

Onions 4

Herbs(Leek, parsley, cilantro, spinach) 500 g

Dried mint and whey necessary amount

Koufte Shami