Ash Reshteh (Thick Persian Soup)

This is a kind of Persian Ash and is the most popular one among them. This thick soup is given away at special customs and ceremonies. The important point about this soup is that it should be cooked slowly. Ash Reshteh (Thick Persian Soup)

In order to cook this soup, you must soak the beans overnight. Onion and garlic should be sautéed and then you should add vegetables and sauté them for a few minutes. Then put the ingredients inside the pot, add some water and let it cook for a few hours. After the beans and vegetables are cooked you should add the noodles, and no Ash Reshteh is perfect without the noodles.

Then after it is cooked it’s time for the final touch and that is adding Persian Kashk and sautéed onion and garlic. This Ash is made of kidney beans, chickpeas, Kashk, parsley, dill, coriander, spinach, onion, garlic, Persian noodles, turmeric, salt, and black pepper. Ash Reshteh (Thick Persian Soup)