Bandar Lengeh Coast to Bandar Abbas

Among all of these, the silence and quietude of the beach are broken by the frequent laughter of a child persuading her father to play with her in the water. Hence, Bandar Lengeh Coast to Bandar Abbas

This coastal road that connects Bandar Lengeh to Bandar Abbas has a lot of beautiful and spectacular landscapes; such as the sunset in the mountainous area.

Park Dolat with its appropriate welfare equipment and shell beach that is full of colorful shells in various shapes is considered a major beach in Bandar Lengeh. In Bandar Aftab, you can see a lot of commuter ships that take passengers to Kish Island. It takes about two hours to go along the 123 km distance between Bandar Lengeh and Bandar Aftab by car. Therefore, Khurheh Temple