Bird Watching Destinations in Iran

Iran has the most Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in the Middle East and has the highest richness of migratory species in this region. These areas have the potential for bird-watching tours. In each season, the attractions of these remarkable areas also change; making it possible to arrange bird watching tours. Bird Watching Destinations in Iran

Some of these areas are as follows:

  • Coastal regions in southern Iran
  • Khalasi Greek
  • Azini Greek
  • Tiab Greek
  • Palm Groves in Minab
  • Mangrove Forest
  • Hasht Bandi Plain in Minab
  • Geno Protected Area in Bandar Abbas
  • Bamdezh Wetland in Khuzestan
  • Karkhe Wildlife Refuge in Khuzestan
  • Shadegan Pond in Khuzestan
  • Hour Al-Azim protected area in Khuzestan. Therefore,  Bird Watching Destinations in Iran
  • Mond Protected Area in Bushehr
  • Northern regions of Iran
  • Miankaleh Lagoon
  • Golestan National Park.
  • Gomishan Wetland
  • Tandoureh National Park
  • Khar Touran National Park
  • Parvar Protected area
  • Gori Gol Wetland
  • Kani Barazan wetland
  • Arasbaran Protected area Bird Watching Destinations in Iran Best Bird Watching Season