Can I find a local English newspaper in Iran?

Yes, there are several newspapers in English. Most of the time, there are available at hotel lobbies.

The first Iranian newspapers were published in the mid-nineteenth century during the Qajar Period. In fact, the first newspaper in the country was Kaghaz-e Akhbar that was published for the government by Mirza Saleh Shirazi in the year 1837. In 1907, the time of the Persian Constitutional Revolution, about 90 newspapers existed in Iran.

In 1952 under Mohammad Musadeq’s government there 300 newspapers were being published, including 25 dailies. During the revolution in 1979, this number was 100, of which 23 were dailies.

In the year 2000, there were twenty-three Persian dailies, 3 English dailies, and 1 Arabic daily in the country. Today there are many English newspapers available in Iran through which you can choose and be informed of the latest news.

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