Chogha Zanbil

This construction called a ziggurat was built in 1250 BC by the Elamite king Untash Napirisha to honor the god Inshushinak. The structure of this temple was built in 5 stories; but, today only 3 floors have remained. Before the excavations, it looked like a hill in the shape of a basket so it was called Chogh Zanbil by the locals that means “basket-shaped hill”. Although,  Chogha Zanbil

This temple was inside an ancient city called Dur Untash. The city had three walls; one was around the temple and separated the yard from where ordinary people and businessmen lived; the other was there to separate houses and pavilions from outer space; the third wall was around this holy city. Inside these walls were a couple of different temples dedicated to some other Elamite gods and an ancient water refinery system that is unique in its own way. Chogha Zanbil Congregational Mosque of Yazd