Crane Day on November 6

Crane Day on November 6

Due to the presence of more than 12,000 Cranes in the second half of the year at Miqan Wetland in Arak / Iran, on November 6 has been named Crane Day.

Crane Day is dedicated to informing, familiarize and educate the sustainable use of Miqan wetland, as well as emphasize the ecological value of wetland and the importance of preserving this area and with the presence of the enthusiasts and communities. Attendees watch over migratory birds, especially at the Cranes, over the birdwatching tower. Crane Day on November 6

Miqan Wetland with an area of 26,000 hectares and a lake of about 10 hectares, each year it hosts a huge selection of Siberian migratory birds and has become a safe haven for birds such as Cranes, Flamingoes, Ducks, Herons, Sandpipers, and even birds of prey like Eagles and falcons.

Due to the destruction of other migratory bird habitats, this wetland is the main bird habitat in the western Mediterranean.

The presence of more than 90 bird species and several species of mammals and reptiles in Miqan Wetland indicates its high ecological potential. Crane Day on November 6

Common Crane is one of the most vulnerable and protected species worldwide, and the Miqan Wetland annually receives about 12,000 Common Crane that fled from the Siberian cold.