Destinations (Astronomy)

Iran is a country with different sorts of climates. From deserts to dense forests and from the snowy mountains like Damavand to the tall sand dunes in the Lut desert. Astronomical destinations

Night sky gazers and amateur astronomers are keen about the dark night skies and starry nights in the country. Fortunately, they are able to find different locations with amazing night skies. Tourists can also enjoy the starry night. I will introduce some of the destinations for night sky lovers and others who plan to visit this amazing country. Although,

In this post, I introduce several places for stargazing and you have the chance to enjoy local accommodations like Ecolodges near these amazing locations. However, Astronomical destinations

  • Central Desert

    Iran is a paradise for desert-lovers because of the variety of deserts that exist in this country. Deserts are ideal places for dark sky lovers because of their special conditions. Deserts are far from light pollution and this is the reason that you can see the starry sky in this part of the country. There are several deserts in Iran such as the Lut Desert, Kavir Desert, Shahdad Desert, and so on. In addition,

  • Yazd

    Yazd is one of the oldest cities in Iran and is located on the side of a desert. Different landmarks and ancient monuments were built near Yazd like Zeinoddin Caravanserai. It is an amazing accommodation and the perimeter has a starry night sky for those who are interested in astronomy. I highly recommend this city for those who are love astronomy and even other travelers. Therefore, 

  • Esfahak

    The historical village of Esfahk is located 35 km east of Tabas. It was severely damaged in a terrible earthquake that happened on September 15, 1978. As time passed and with the construction of the new village, the inhabitants moved to new houses constructed in a style quite different from vernacular housing patterns. After being abandoned, the erosion and destruction process of the historic parts intensified. The old part of the village has been reconstructed in recent years. This village recalls an old lifestyle. Gazing at the night sky gives you a sense of pleasure and is suitable for those who love stars. Hence, As a result, Useful Information (Astronomy)