Do I need to book my hotels before getting an Iranian visa?

Before traveling to any country, it is better to have a full plan of your requirements. Booking your hotels or other accommodations before the trip is a very important step to relieve you of your worries. The hotel booking process in Iran is somehow different from other countries.

Most Iranian hotels are not registered on international booking platforms. Even if you can find some, they mostly do not accept payment by international credit cards for reservations as debit cards are completely different in Iran. Some hotels may not even have a website and if they do, the website may not be user-friendly or have an English language section. So, you may have limited options for booking online.

The best way to book a hotel is via a local travel agency, so you can travel in effortlessly.

Not for all nationalities, unless you are a US, UK, or Canadian citizen. Iranian visa for US, UK, or Canadian passport holders is subject to particular regulations. At present the Iranian Foreign Ministry will only issue visas for US, UK, or Canadian citizens to travel to Iran as part of a pre-booked, guided tour. That means these travelers cannot travel to Iran individually and they must be accompanied by a tourist guide or a relative who can take full responsibility.

Before the trip, you must send the itinerary in advance and follow it exactly. Due to these requirements, we recommend that it is better to apply 10 weeks before the travel date. How should I begin my trip? Do I need to book my hotels before getting an Iranian visa?