Feiz Mosque of Qom

The minaret that connects the western part of the Feiz Mosque of Qom is considered as the third minaret in the Islamic world and the first minaret constructed in Qom and also in Iran. This old minaret is 25 meters high and 3.5 meters in diameter. It is said that the minaret was built during the Timurid Period. This structure was made in the year 871 and at the time of Yahya ibn Ishaq reign.

One of the Zand Dynasty rulers restored the minaret in 1771. The Feiz mosque of Qom is located in the northeastern corner of Kohne Square. The mosque was built in 1931 by Ayatollah Haj Mirza Mohammad Feiz. This building was developed in an area within 21 × 21 meters in length and the width of ten vaults over four-dimension stone columns. Museum of Sanandaj