Gheymeh Boushehri and Shekar Polo

Gheymeh Boushehri is different from the other Persian Gheymeh stews in both looks and flavor. In this stew, the beef is pounded in a way that becomes mashed and sticks to utensils. Another difference is that there are no French fries in the stew and the potato is mashed through it.

This stew is usually eaten along with Shekar Polo (a sort of cooked rice). If you are a fan of stews in which you can feel the taste of caraway, you may greatly love this dish. Furthermore, Gheymeh Boushehri has a very pleasant smell.


Chickpeas 250 g
1 medium onion
Cuff meat half a kilo of
Tomato paste 2 AH G.
1 medium potato Qeyme Boushehri and Shekar Polo
AH eighth cinnamon stick
Turmeric 1 AH (g)
Lime powder 1 AH G.
Salt Qeyme Boushehri and Shekar Polo, Yatimak, turmeric