Gwadar Bay and Hara Forests

One of the most beautiful shores in Iran that whose beauty is not limited to ebbs and flows, is a small and old port called Gwadar. The gentle movement of the countless crabs on the sand beach on one hand; and the floating forest that is immersed in water for hours at the flows of the sea that shows up at the ebbs, on the other hand; has added to its beauty and splendor. Gwadar Bay and Hara Forests

This port is placed at the farthest end of south-eastern Iran and the last frontier where Chabahar is connected to the Pakistani border.

The beginning of this gulf is at the east of Jiyuni cape and its end is in the west at a point called Pasabandar. On the Iranian side, the Bahou Kalat River and on the Pakistani side Nahr Dasht River flow into Gwadar Gulf.

The beautiful Hara forests are located near the place where the Bahou Kalat River flows into the Oman sea. Hara trees are in fact natural desalination plants that are not only important for Iran nationally, but also they have been attributed two global titles of the biosphere reserve and international pond. In springs and falls, these trees with flowers such as Verbena are surrounded by wild honey bees which make hives among the trees and their shoots.


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