Hafez Mausoleum

Hafez mausoleum/ Hafezieh is located in northern Shiraz and is where Hafez, a great Iranian poet, was buried. The importance of this poet is so much that Persian people put his book beside Qu’ran on their special table when the first day of spring or the Persian new year comes. It was built in 1452, 65 years after he was buried. The tomb’s dome is adorned with different mystical colors: turquoise (symbol of heaven), purple (symbol of primordial wine), Black and white (symbol of night and day), and brown (symbol of soil). The complex has west and east wings. The east wing is where the tombs of Moadel family are and the west wing is dedicated to the Qavam family. West wing has more tombs, most of which belong to poets and mystics. However, Hafez Mausoleum, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque.