How are the quality and variety of foodstuff in Iran?

Those who have been to Iran know about the quality and variety of Persian kebabs and stews. There are different types of restaurants. You can find new spices and herbs you haven’t seen before, but Iranian dishes are not as spicy as the Indian foods. People add a moderate amount of them to the food just to make it more delicious. Because there are not genetically modified vegetables and fruits in Iran, the taste is rich and old.the quality of food in Iran

The meat served in the restaurants is usually chicken, fish, lamb, and veal. Of course, you can find quail, turkey, and shrimp too, but no frog, pork, snake, dog or other sorts. It is prohibited to eat them in Islam and this is observed everywhere. The vegetarians can find cooked or raw vegetables at hotels and in restaurants. However, it is better to inform your tour guide about this matter so he could arrange it for you. the quality of food in Iran, Are there any specific requirements for US citizens travelling to Iran?