How should I begin my trip?

How to plan your trip to Iran?

It is easy and simple. Just follow the four-step instruction: How should I begin my trip

  • Step One: Choose Your Destination

If you are ready to begin your trip to Iran, we are ready to help. It is really important to do some research and decide where do you want to go and what you want to do according to your age and interest. Our travel specialists are ready to provide you with the information you need to make your decision. A variety of catalogs of trips to different cities with destinations and purposes are also available on our website.

  • Step Two: Send us a Request

Tour packages are presented in four main categories: cultural tours, eco-tours, adventure tours, and Event tours. These packages have various destinations, duration, and purposes to serve different interests. Just take an overall look at the travel packages and choose your tour. Remember that according to the standards of hotels and transportation the prices might change. If you couldn’t find the package that interests you please contact and inform us about the cities that you are interested in, and the sites you want to visit (see tailor-made tours). We can make your dream trip come true.

  • Step Three: Book Your Tour

After choosing your ideal package and specifying the number of travelers who come with you just set a date for it so that we can inform you of the required price of the package. Then we will send you a contract. Please print the contract, read it carefully, sign it, and send us an image of the signed contract and images of the passports and of the tour participants via e-mail. You will know the payment procedure at the time of booking.

  • Step Four: Get a Visa

We have made this process easy for you. The agency will send an information form to you. Return the filled form with an image of your passport attached to it. Leave the rest to us. You can get your visa in 10 working days. Your visa fee is determined based on your nationality.

For more information take a look at our Visa page