Indian Pond Heron

Indian Pond Heron

The Indian Pond Heron (Ardeola grayii) is a small heron and in size and shape it is almost like a Squacco Heron but during the breeding season, feathers are different from Squacco Heron. It is breeding in southern Iran.

They are usually silent but may make a harsh croak in alarm when flushed or near their nests. Their camouflage is so excellent that they can be approached closely before they take to flight.

The Indian pond heron’s feeding habitat is marshy wetlands. They usually feed at the edge of ponds. They may also on occasion swim on water or fish from the air and land in deeper waters. Sometimes, they fly low over the water to drive frogs and fishes towards the shore before settling along the shoreline. Rail

Immature herons are streaked brown, generally similar to non-breeding adults. Their head, neck, and breast feathers are shorter, and their back feathers do not form the distinctive loose coat. Their breast is spotted pale brown rather than streaked brown, their upper back feathers may have some dull cream shaft streaks, and the tail may have some faint brown mottling. The bill is darker, the upper mandible ranging to wholly dark and the lower one having yellow only at the base.