Iranian Ground Jay (Podoces pleskei)

Iranian Ground Jay

Iranian Ground Jay or Pleske’s Ground Jay is a species of bird that is desert color. It’s a rare bird and in the Corvidae family which is considered endangered species. Iranian Ground Jay lives only in the desert and semi-desert regions of eastern and southeast Iran, especially in Yazd, Semnan provinces, and Bardaskan of Khorasan Razavi province. Most observations are limited to Iran, therefore birders regard it as a native and endemic species, and have been called the “national bird of Iran“.

This bird builds its nest at the top of and within the denser parts of plants, particularly Atraphaxis spinosaEphedra intermedia, and Zygophyllum eurypterum. At times of danger, they hide beneath shrubs. Iranian Ground Jay is a clever bird and somewhat hidden work. This bird is realistic and acts to store food under the soil. This is a fairly shy and very nimble bird, as soon as it feels a danger, it starts to run fast and zigzag and hides behind the bushes. In general, it prefers running to fly.

Although this bird is in the Corvidae family, it has a remarkable similarity to Greater Hoopoe Lark. In the local language, it is called ” Crackers “, stupid and sometimes called Herd cock.