Kazerooni Mansion

A different thing seems to attract our attention as walking through the alleys of Bushehr. Something that you can rarely see is the diversity of the buildings in Bushehr city of Iran. It is not only seen in Bushehr but also in other coastal areas of the Persian Gulf. Buildings with similar examples in both Karachi port and Mumbai. Kazerooni Mansion

The feature of these buildings is their height, which is made commonly as multi-story buildings. The reason for differences in buildings should not be regarded as anything but the scorching heat of the sun in this area. In summers, people move to the upper floors of the houses to escape from the exhausting heat. There are numerous doors and windows to pull the wind through and help to reduce the temperature as well.

Another point about these houses is their very low distance from each other, sometimes less than one meter.

Kazerooni mansion is one of these Bushehrian houses that were built in the Qajar period and was owned by Mohammad Reza Kazerooni. Kazerooni mansion is the first building of Bushehr, which its number plaque was installed on World Tourism Day and was unveiled by the governor of Bushehr. Numerous windows of this building let the air in and cool down the house.  Shazde Mahan Garden