Koufteh Lappeh Yazdi

First cook the split peas and rinse them. Then cook the potatoes, peel, and grate them and add them to the cooked split peas. Mix the minced lamb with salt and other spices, half of the fried onions, eggs, previously soaked and rinsed barberries, and knead the mixture.

Make big loaves around the boiled eggs like koufteh Tabrizi. Pour the rest of the fried onions in a pan and add tomato paste, salt, and other spices and essences that you like and sauté for a few minutes. Then add two glasses of water and wait till it is boiled, then put the loaves inside the pot and cook them like other meatloaves.


The most important point is to prevent the meatloaves from raveling and breaking. To prevent this the sauce must not have a lot of fat and must not cover the whole meatloaves. The heat must not be so high and sauce must not bubble up while the loaves are cooked.


Aromatic herbs 350 g
Split peas, 350 g
Barberry cup
4 tablespoons fried onions
Raw eggs 4
5 boiled eggs
Minced lamb one kilo
Salt and seasonings some
2 tablespoons tomato paste