Light Pollution

Less than 100 years ago, everyone had a chance to look up and see a spectacular starry night sky with millions of Stars but Nowadays, millions of children across the world will never experience the Milky Way where they live. The widespread and increased use of artificial light at night is not only impairing our view of the universe, but it is also unfavorably affecting our environment, our energy consumption, our safety, and our health. Light Pollution

As a matter of fact, there are several types of pollution made by human beings such as air and sound pollution. Actually, there is another type of pollution that threatens the lifestyle of humans, plants, and creatures. Light pollution is a kind of pollution made by artificial lights and produced by human activity.

Nobody believed that lights could become one of the threats against human beings and also other types of species. Nowadays, we can see that lights are a major threat to the life of humans, plants, and also animals.

Not only the light pollution is a threat to human life but also it’s a big problem for the night sky and makes the night sky “the forgotten nature”.

The following image is the light pollution map of Iran:

light pollution


You can see that there is a huge place in the east of the country that is far from the sources of light pollution. This vast area of land is a desert in the middle of the country. Astronomy in Iran