MacQueen’s Bustard

MacQueen’s Bustard

It is a large bird that living mainly on dry or sandy steppes. Macqueen’s Bustard will be found in the plains and desert areas of the center to the east of Iran, which are low bushes. Deserts and semi-deserts of southern Khorasan are some of the most important habitats of Bustard life. This species is very well adapted to desert life.

Macqueen’s Bustard is an important species of wildlife in the world and Iran. In the ICUN list, It’s in the sensitive and vulnerable category ( VU ). It’s a bird with the diversity and use of various plants and animals and because of that, it helps farmers more to eliminate the agricultural pests naturally.

It’s a shy and wilderness bird and prefers hidden rather than flying. This bustard is very fond of the salty plant which is a wild grass in desert areas and rarely drinks water, it gains his body water from the food he eats. Macqueen’s Bustard is also famous as a bomber bird. He has a strange defensive mode against the raptors. It throws its sticky stool like a bomb on the hunter and the feathers and wings of the raptor stick together. Mond protected area