Mahale Sangi (Stone Neighborhood)

Mahale Sangi is one of the old neighborhoods of Bushehr. The neighborhood where we can see so much difficulty. A city that has had a lot of hardship in its history. Has repeatedly been attacked by enemies and ultimately could push them out of their land with prowess.

The General tomb is one of the places in this neighborhood which is worth visiting. A tomb of an English General who was killed by the Bushehrians; in the attack to the Bushehr in 1856 and today this area has become a beautiful park.

When we go to the center of the park we can see a building made in the obelisk shape, a square and tall construction sinking from the middle toward the inside in the center of its four sides, and its height is about 126 cm.

This area was as a garden full of trees until 2011 and then it became a nice park by the municipality of Bushehr. It is also said that nearly 35 US soldiers are buried at this site. Telegraph Office of Bushehr