Marashi House

Marashi house is located in the frontage of waterfalls and mills of Shushtar overlooking them. It is also located 200 meters from the mausoleum of Abbas. The house is in the Dar Abbas neighborhood; in the old district of Shushtar city. It was built in the Qajar period by Seyed Mohammad Hossein Marashi. The rooms of the southern yard and a part of the west side of the alley were added to the building in the Pahlavi period.

Marashi house is one of the most beautiful homes in Shushtar in which the Marashi family has lived until recent years. Then, it was bought by the Shushtar municipality and then was sold to the Cultural Heritage Organization in 2005.

The area of the house is 1426 square meters and is composed of three floors with two floors under the ground and a ground floor. The basement which is located at the lowest level of the house has a constant temperature at different seasons of the year. The valuable feature of this Shovadan is the entrance arch and the more valuable is the fingerprint of the manufacturer on the bricks forming the arch at the time of construction of the house. Brick decorations of the building that are also called Khovoon Chini have given scenic beauty to the house. The Grand Mosque of Dezful