Mond Protected Area

Large and small groups of deer attract us from a distant place to the Mond Protected Area; at 180 km away from the southeast part of Bushehr. This plain-desert area is located along the Bord Khun district in Deyr County.

Mond Protected Area with less than 10 meters high above sea level is situated as a plateau at the edge of the Persian Gulf. Four islands of Khan, Tahmadun, Nakhilo, and Amalgram have just added to the beauty of the Mond Protected Area.

This area does not have four seasons climate and prepares itself for a hot summer per any dry winter. The only source of water for wildlife drinking water is also the beautiful and watery Mond River.

Appropriate rare plants such as Anoknemon (انوكنمون), Sarikorina (ساريكورينا) and mangroves; along with the coastal areas of this region have provided the habitat; and a migration resort for different types of birds, aquatics, reptiles, and animals.

Palm as a symbol of beauty in Persian Gulf coasts can also be seen in the form of scattered palm groves in the Mond Protected Area. The Mond area is fraught with the beautiful singing of Cormorants, Western Reef Heron, Flamingo, Tern, and other types of birds.