Museum of Sanandaj

Kurdistan Province is home to many historic places. One of these spectacular spots is the Sanandaj Museum. Colorful and elegant windows in the Hall show the skill and art of the creator. These seven-door windows are made of wooden networks with elegant and beautiful motifs; along with colored and simple glasses are considered masterpieces of their kind. Museum of Sanandaj, hence it is ok. But there is a difference and variety.

The beautiful sash is for the edifice of Salar Saeed that began to work at the Sanandaj Museum in October 1975. Mullah Lotfollah Sheikh-al-Islam ordered to build the edifice of Salar Saeed which is a part of the building. After his death, his descendants segregated the building into two separate parts. The inner part was owned by the Habibi family and the outer part was for Abdul Hamid Khan Sanandaji who was known as Salar Saeed.

Since the style and architecture of the building are related to the Qajar period, it is influenced by the architecture of this era. The basement of the building has a pool having a domed ceiling that is also decorated beautifully.

The building has been built of stone, brick, and wood with a gable roof. All of the spaces of the museum are allocated to the display of archaeological and historical objects; Such as a number of inscriptions, including epigraphs and monuments that are kept in open space.

The museum is located on Imam Street, Habibi Alley, and in the outer part of Mullah Lotfollah Sheikh-al-Islam mansion. House of Imam Khomeini therefore,