National Bird-watching Day

National Bird-watching Day

One day on the Iranian national calendar is dedicated to National Bird-watching Day for the first time in the year of 2010 by environmental and nature activists and the last Thursday in November of each year is designated as National Bird-watching Day.

National Committee on Tourism, in support of the National Birdwatching Day celebration, has recognized the move for cultural development to protect Iran’s diverse bird species.

This year’s birdwatching event is centered on the “Iranian Ground Jay”, an endemic species of Iran, while addressing threats to the habitat and population of this native bird, as well as the artworks of a number of artists are also displayed. This year with a little delay the Bird-watching Day Celebration to be held on December 26, at Shafaq Cultural Center.

Iran is considered an ideal destination for bird watchers, particularly in the spring and autumn when migratory birds land in Iran’s wetlands, rivers, watersheds, and basins. Big Day

Bird watching, or birding, is a form of wildlife observation in which the observation of birds is a recreational activity. It can be done with the naked eye, through a visual enhancement device like binoculars and telescopes, or by listening for bird sounds.

Bird watching increases interaction between human beings and the environment, reduces level of stress that is associated with urban life, improves the livelihood of local people, raises public awareness about nature, and makes people closer together.

Iran needs to increase investment in bird watching and intensifies protections, as any damage to the environment can put off tourists.