Persian Mystics

Mysticism is a truth-based cognition and an active struggle beyond sensual-pragmatic realism and imaginative idealism. Iran has long been the place of living and growth to artists and mystics who have been famous worldwide. Nowadays, their tombs and mausoleums in various sites of Iran have been the place of worship and pilgrimage to different people around the world who visit these sites every day. Persian Mystics

The tombs of Saadi and Hafez in Shiraz, the tomb of Attar of Nishapur a great mystic of the sixth century of the lunar calendar (11th to 12th century), the tomb of Shah Nematollah Vali in Mahan of Kerman with seven hundred years of history, the mausoleum of Bayazid Bastami a great Persian mystic of the third century of the lunar calendar (8th century) in Shahrud, and the mausoleum of Baba Tahir another great mystic of the fourth century of the lunar calendar (11th century) are some of these sites. Khanqah Persian Mystics