Qeymeh Yazdi

Soak the chickpeas a day before cooking and during this time change its water several times and then split them into two halves.

Put a pot on the stove and pour some oil in it and wait till it is heated up. Then add the onion and sauté it. After sauteing the onion, add the lamb or beef and sauté for a few minutes. As you are sauteing the meat, add salt, pepper, and turmeric and at last, add the chickpeas and sauté them.

Pour some water into the pot and wait till it is boiled and the stew is cooked. In the last 15 minutes add saffron to the stew to get its flavor. Garnish the cooked stew with sauteed onions and serve it with steamed rice.


Chickpea Chickpeas 500 g
One large onion
Solid oil or butter two tablespoons
Minced meat 600g
Salt, pepper and turmeric, and saffron to the extent necessary
Hot bulbs to decorate the two tbsp