Rainfall and the Arrival of Birds to Iran

The analytical report of the Iran country rainfall in the current year has shown a significant increase in rainfall over the past year since autumn until now. So that some of the country’s wetlands, such as “Gavkhoni International Wetland” on the central plateau of Iran, “Hamoon Wetland and Lake” in Sistan and Baluchestan Province, “Heleh Wetland” in Bushehr Province, Bisheh Dalan Lagoon in Borujerd City, have got a new life and the condition of Lake Urmia, which is the largest lake in Iran, has also improved.

In the past few years, due to the small rainfall and the warming of the climate, we witnessed the arrival of nearly a few summer-breeding or passage birds in Iran. As with the arrival of the Shrikes in the last days of winter or in the early days of spring, most birders were looking for them. With recent rainfall that has occurred in the autumn to the beginning of the spring in Iran, weather conditions have been tempered and cold in some places, which may delay the arrival of summer birds. According to the reports, Common Chaffinches still do not complete their migration and they are in the city’s parks until the beginning of April.

The probability of change in the process of migration of the birds due to these climate changes is not unexpected, which, of course, needs to be investigated and reviewed by relevant experts. And we should wait to witness the presence or absence of some species in this new year in Iran, to conduct more serious field research on this issue.