Salasel Castle

The old range of the ancient castle from the North and West sides is as the current range. But it was surrounded by a moat from the South and East sides. Some traces of it has still remained. It also ends in the Darion creek in the south. Salasel Castle

So, in addition to the defensive role in Shushtar, the castle was a center to control the Darion creek as well as a place of residence for the Khuzestan Governor. The Salasel Castle is a multi-faceted oval-shaped castle. The castle was built in the Sassanid period and has been frequently repaired and renovated throughout history, and what we can see now is related to the Qajar period.

The castle is located northwest of the city of Shushtar and along the Shatit River having two large doors. The Salasel Castle has lengthy and numerous courtyards, barracks, stables, baths, bedchambers, towers, gardens, armory, timpani house, seraglio, kitchen, multiple Qapy and big pools, and the fence.

Today, nothing has remained but the underground rooms, Shovadan, and Darion tunnels. Tomb of Haj Sheikh Shushtari