Sama, Dance of the Soul

Sama dance is a sort of Sufi dance that encompasses of whirling of the body along with an enigmatic mood in order to reach spiritual goals. It has an old background and is the story of elevation of the soul. In Sama ritual, in that whirling and absolute obedience state, exists a hidden keenness that exhilarates both the whirling dervish and the observer. Sama is the manifestation of Rumi’s thoughts. He chose poetry, music, and dance to describe what is indescribable.

Sama is a symbolic dance. In this dance, the dervish spreads his arms and starts whirling. While performing the whirling dance the right hand is up like he the dancer is praying, and the left hand is inclined downwards. Dervishes are the mediators between God and people, or the sky and the earth. They receive from God and bestow upon people and they would not hold anything for themselves.

You can learn this dance, the meaning, and its principles from the masters of this field and perform this dance under their supervision. Architecture and Mysticism