Shahid Bahonar Forest Park

Arak is considered an industrial city in Iran. Pollutions of air, noise, and so on are increased due to ignorance of green spaces. For this reason, the urban authorities decided to develop the green spaces in the city; in order to reduce pollution and improve the quality of life of people. Shahid Bahonar Forest Park in Arak is created for this purpose.

This forest park was constructed in 1983. However, the operation of the plantation started at the time of construction and continued until the end of 1993. Shahid Bahonar forest park in Arak, with an area of 183 hectares, is among one of the largest planted forest parks in the country.

Now, 212 hectares of green spaces in this forest park is created with suitable species as compatible with climatic conditions. Two deep wells are also drilled to meet the water requirements and a water transmission network was made with a length of about 14 km and a water storage pool with a capacity of 1181 cubic meters.

Management of the forest park has been transferred to the municipality of Arak in 2005. A large number of nature lovers go to the park and spend time during the week and especially on holidays. A zoo is also located within the Shahid Bahonar Forest Park area. Crafts Museum (Hassanpour House)