Shushtar Market

Shushtar city has many mosques with different names, such as blacksmiths and coppersmiths mosques. The name of these mosques shows the importance of the industry and market in the city of Shushtar.

One of the most important and oldest markets of the town was the porch market of Shushtar that was built in the Qajar period and its name was Gheysarieh at first. This cross-shaped market was destroyed in the time of Reza Shah Pahlavi. Instead of the Gheysarieh market, it was established a pavement market, to the north and south, next to the Afzal inn.

Among the many caravanserais that were around the Shushtar market, today only three of them have remained. We would find less evidence of traditional architecture when walking in the market. Only the shops on the exterior of the inn have some works of traditional architecture. As well as other markets, this market is full of shops with various goods such as medicinal plants, textiles, wood and etc. Marashi House