Siberian White Crane ( Grus leucogeranus )

It is one of the most important birds of Iran who is at serious risk and critically endangered. The Siberian White Crane is a bird of the Gruidae family of cranes. The Siberian Cranes are divided into three eastern, western, and central populations which the central population is extinct. The eastern population migrates to China during winter while the western population migrates to the north of Iran in the winter. Only one Siberian White Crane remains in the world.

The only survivor of the western population of Siberian Crane, after  97 days of wintering in Fereydoon Kenar Dam, left Iran for spring habitat in Siberia on February 26, 2019.

This Crane has been called “Hope”, after the death of his mate in the winter of 2009. It‘s 11 consecutive years that he comes alone to the Fereydoon Kenar Pond in Iran for winter. He flies this long way without his friends and family; from Siberia to Iran. For this reason, Iranian birders and birdwatchers called him, Hope. We strongly wish to see this symbol of loyalty again next winter.

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