Siraf Archaeological Museum

As we enter Assaluyeh city, we come to a city with the same nights and days because of the flames of refinery and gas smell that does not let us smell any other odor. Siraf Archaeological Museum

After going for 36 kilometers, we reach Taheri (Siraf) seaport that is located 240 kilometers away from the southeast of Bushehr.

In the following, we go to the house of doctor Whitehouse, a British man who has been the head of the Department of Archaeology of Siraf port in the 60s decade. The house has now become a museum with considerable and very interesting archaeological findings. The museum is constituted of inscriptions, stone tombs, ceramic industry, the findings of the doctor Whitehouse, paintings and photographs as the first part of the museum, Siraf handcrafts as the second part, and marine industries, fishes, and shellfishes as the third part that can be seen in visiting the museum.

A beautiful sacred fig tree also exists on the south side of this place. Naiband protected area