Tabatabai House

Tabatabai House like other buildings of its era has a mesmerizing architecture and adaptability to the hot weather of Kashan. Kashan is a historical city near Isfahan and is known for its particular and beautiful style of architecture. The pools in the middle of its courtyard along with fountains and water vessels result in a cold breeze inside this dry climate. It should be noted that the water is provided by two qanats (ancient hydraulic systems), Dowlat Abadi and Nasr Abadi qanats. Another interesting feature of this House is the colorful glasses that with the help of some light make the interior view so special.

Seyyed Jafar Tabatabaei Natanzi built this mansion for his wife. He was a well-known international carpet merchant from the city of Natanz that eventually settled in Kashan. There so many designs in the shape of Sphinx on the walls which you might not know the reason for. Well, Sphinx in Persian is called Homa. The name of the merchant’s wife was Homa whom he was madly in love with. Many years later, the Cultural Heritage Organization bought the building and now the municipality of Kashan is responsible for the restoration of the house.

Although, Ali Qapu, Persian Architecture