Tappo Cave

30 kilometers away from Shahrekord and in the heart of a mountain that has big rocks like Tappo, there is a cave and in order to reach the mouth of it, you should move past the only centuries-old cypress tree at the Thalweg of the valley as far as 600 meters.

In the local terms, Tappo is attributed to Silos made of mud and straw that were used to store beans and cereals. This cave which is well and wall type has been formed as a result of the penetration of water into conglomerate stones and its humidity is very low.

Tappo cave has two mouths which the main mouth has been located at an altitude of 2680 meters above sea level. One of the mouths is 16 meters deep and the other one which is in a higher position than the first one is about 22 meters deep both of which join each other at the bottom and reach the main cavity. After the main cavity, the route is continued about 50 meters toward the east with 4-5 corridors on the left and right.

The length of the cave and its depths are respectively 50 and 165 meters. The cave is the habitat of pigeons and some type of bat. Although, Khurheh Temple