The Grand Mosque of Dezful

The Grand Mosque of Dezful is the second important monument of the city after the Old Bridge. The primary construction of this mosque was for the eighth or ninth century. It has been repaired and restored from the twelfth to the seventeenth century. It has also been steadily developed and decorated during these periods. But its current form (four porches) is corresponding to the middle of the Safavid era. And the main decorative tiling belongs to the Qajar period. In addition,The Grand Mosque of Dezful

The current structure of the mosque is composed of an entrance portal, a large courtyard, porches, and southern and eastern bedchambers. The main entrance is located in the northwest corner of the building. It is constructed with a width of 3.60 meters and a depth of 3.35 meters in the early 17th century. The entrance portal to the mosque is decorated with striking Mogharnas and tiling. The mosque apron is relatively large with dimensions of 26 × 27.60 meters. The walls are very thick with stone columns. The main part of the current mosque is the southern bedchamber. With columns that its median has a porch and behind it, there is a transversal mouth with the dimensions of 7 × 9.80 meters. The overall dimension of bedchamber is 30.80 × 19.80 meters. The covering of the mosque bedchamber is dome-shaped and made of brick.

The altar of the mosque that is placed in the center of the bedchamber has a very beautiful and eye-catching art of plaster. Near the altar, there is a pulpit with ten steps with small and white minarets on both sides of it. Behind the eastern Safavi porch, a bedchamber is made with dimensions of 14 × 6.55 meters, which is the oldest part of the mosque. There is a basement under the north side of the mosque. Which has a length of 16.5 and a width of 7 and a height of 3 meters. Another part of the Grand Mosque of Dezful is an underground (Shovadan); with an area of 200 square meters with 25 stairs and small rooms in the middle of the stairs.

Two openings which are similar to the architectural features of Dezful in monuments and the old texture of Dezful are embedded for ventilation of Shovadan in the mosque. The entrance door of Shovadan is on the main floor of the mosque and it was used by the worshipers for resting in the hot summer of Khuzestan for a long time. The Grand Mosque of Dezful, however, Marashi House