The House of Imam Khomeini

This old house without any plaster and decoration has been located in the Safaiyeh neighborhood of Qom. It shows the simplicity and magnanimity of a man who lived there for years with dignity. The House of Imam Khomeini

The house was the residence of Imam and his family until 1963. In 1956 Imam Khomeini purchased the building, located in Yakhchal Qazi, that had a bigger area than the other houses. The structure with a 300 square meters area was built about a hundred years ago.

The exterior face of the building is made of simple brick columns and homogeneous plasterwork without any motif. Imam Khomeini’s house consists of two basement floors and a ground floor. There is a yard in the southern part of the building and also covered areas in the North, East, and West sides. In the middle of the building, there is a staircase that divides the building into two, outside (Eastern) and inside (Western), parts.

There is a large room outside the building that has been welcoming the audience and disciples of Imam Khomeini for years. Imam’s speech of Capitulation was one of his most important speeches in this house. Feiz mosque of Qom┬áThe House of Imam Khomeini