The Most Interesting Bird Species in Iran

Based on the latest listings Iran possesses 550 bird species; 70 percent of them are migrating, or they come to Iran in the winter, or they come in the summer for breeding.

  The following list is a list of bird species in Iran that are the most interesting for watching; Macqueen’s Bustard, Iranian Ground Jay,  Caspian Tit, Black-headed Penduline Tit, Sind Woodpecker, Caspian Snowcock, See-see Partridge,  Eastern Rock Nuthatch, Grey Hypocolius, Crab-plover, Sooty Gull and Pallas’s Gull, White-throated Robin Afghan & Iraq Babbler, Pallid Scops Owl,   Dead Sea Sparrow,  Red-tailed (Persian) Wheatear, Variable Wheatears,  Basra Reed Warbler, Sykes’s and Asian Desert Warbler, Mountain Chiffchaff,  Asian Crimson-winged Finch, Graceful Prinia, Radde’s Accentor, Mesopotamian Crow, Grey-necked and Red-headed Bunting, Menetries’s Warbler and Red-Tailed Shrike and …