Important Information about the Tourist Attractions of Shiraz

Tourist Attractions of Shiraz

Shiraz is one of the most important spots which hosts many international and also Iranian tourists every year. A city known as the city of lovers and poets that due to the unique culture, pleasant weather, and also natural attractions is among the top tourist destinations in Iran.

Very hospitable and kind people, various natural and historic attractions, delicious local food, and of course Faloodeh Shirazi motivate people to travel to this beautiful city. In this article, Hogo Travel Team tries to introduce some of the significant tourist spots of Shiraz, home to great poets, and help you decide where you want to go when you arrive at this historic city.

When we arrive at the city of Shiraz we could not resist the charm of the poetic atmosphere. The amazing sites would appear as a beautiful painting and bring to mind Hafez’s verse: “How beautiful is Shiraz’s unparalleled state”. Shiraz is definitely the most important historic city in Iran and it has been the number one tourist destination in Iran for years. What makes Shiraz special are its unique nature and historic, cultural, and pilgrimage sites. Speaking of Shiraz is difficult cause you may be acquainted with some of the attractions. But during this article we try to mention well-known and also less-known tourist sites that might help you during your trip to Iran; so, don’t miss this useful information and read the article fully. Tourist Attractions of Shiraz


Pasargadae: Tomb of Cyrus the Great


The city of “Parseh” or “Pasargadae” is located outside the city of Shiraz. You have to drive 136 kilometers on Shiraz-Isfahan road in order to reach this area. It is easier if you come from Isfahan because you can visit Pasargadae on the way. Pasargadae consists of some well-known and famous historic and archeological sites that are so valuable for the Iranian people. “Tomb of Cyrus the Great” and “Tomb of Cambyses” and the royal complex are among the most significant remains of the Achaemenid Empire and also the city of Shiraz. Visiting Pasargadae may take some time but it is worth exploring because this complex had been a marvelous architectural gem of Iran’s ancient times.


Persepolis: Persian Empire Icon


It is so rare to encounter a guy who hasn’t heard about Persepolis. It is the biggest archeological site in Iran that has been considered as the symbol of ancient Persia. This area is located in the city of Marvdasht, 60 kilometers away from Shiraz. Persepolis was built during the Achaemenid and Sassanid Periods and some parts are also related to the Elamite period. Persepolis is a composition of the architecture of all civilizations under the rule of the Achaemenids, built to become a sign of unity amongst the Iranians. Tourist Attractions of Shiraz


Naqsh-e Rostam: Tomb of Great Persian Kings

naqsh-e rostam

This amazing site is located 6 kilometers away from Persepolis which you don’t want to miss. At the heart of Naqsh-e Rostam, you can see Kabeh-ye Zartosht (Cube of Zoroaster), tombs of great Persian kings such as Darius I, Xerxes I, and Artaxerxes I, and also very important inscriptions. Autumn is a good season to visit this necropolis. You can also visit the area in the winter, summer or in spring but if you don’t like very cold or hot weather it is better to travel in autumn.


Hafezih: Hafez Mausoleum

hafez mausoleum

There is a place in Shiraz that puts you under the spell and makes you want to stay more. That is the Tomb of Hafez, the great Iranian poet. If you travel to Shiraz make sure to visit Hafezieh. Hafezieh has a distinctive atmosphere at night. Hafez’s book fortunetelling, traditional tea house, and relaxing atmosphere of the garden are what make this place unique. The lighting in the area also helps in providing a calm and comfortable space to spend time alone, with your family or friends. Tourist Attractions of Shiraz

Hafez Mausoleum is located south of the Quran Gate and is easily accessible for those who enter Shiraz from the east. Inside the mausoleum and near the tomb often sits an old man, ready to tell your fortune by looking at Hafez’s poetry book. It will be a fantastic experience.


Saadieh: Saadi Mausoleum

Tomb of Saadi

Saadieh is not so far from Hafezieh and is also located near the Quran Gate. Saadi Mausoleum is one of the most spectacular places in the city of Shiraz. It is a peaceful garden and at its center exists the tomb of the famous Iranian poet Saadi. Saadieh had been a Khanqah (Persian monastery) and the place of worship of Saadi and his colleagues. You can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Shiraz inside an amazing garden. On the Saadi’s Tomb surroundings lies the tombs of many Persian poets and mystics like “Shoorideh Shirazi”. The combination of the traditional and modern styles of architecture is what makes this place unique.


Arg-e Karimkhani: Protector of the City

Arg-e Karim Khan

Arg-e Karimkhani or Karim Khan Citadel is one of the biggest brick structures and amongst the significant attractions of Shiraz. If you visit Karim Khan Citadel, you will notice that one of the towers is tilted. It has been tilted 30 degrees and it is caused by surface water. However, the specialists have assured us that the tower will remain at its current position and there is nothing to worry about. So, you can safely take selfies or capture creative pictures with the tilted tower. Tourist Attractions of Shiraz


Shah Cheragh Shrine: Peacefulness of the Turquoise Tiles

Shah Cheragh

It is a religious-pilgrimage site in the city of Shiraz. There lies the tomb of Ahmad and Mohammad, the sons of Musa al-Kadhim and brothers of Imam Reza, the eighth Imam of Shia Muslims. Citizens of Shiraz usually go to this religious site in order to wash away their sins and attain a lighter spirit.

The architecture of Shah Cheragh is eye-catching and pleasant. The plaster and mirror work along with the rays of light that radiate each corner provide a peaceful atmosphere. It is worth mentioning that many pilgrims visit the haram on Thursday nights. So, If you want to travel to Shiraz make sure that you include this shrine inside your schedule. Tourist Attractions of Shiraz


Eram Garden: The Most Spectacular Persian Garden in Shiraz

Eram Garden

Some people say that you should visit Shiraz in spring, so you could enjoy your trip more. Eram Garden in Shiraz is an attraction that is better be seen this season. You can smell the scent of spring flowers and release your mind from worries. Spring breeze caresses the palm, locust, maple, willow, and cedar trees and the scent of orange blossoms fills the air. Autumn is also a good season to visit the Eram Garden. Also, in the autumn and summer the trees bear fruits like pomegranate, persimmon, apple, and pear. The garden has been mentioned in different travel diaries from 300 years ago up until now. If you wish to travel to the Eram Garden make sure to bring your camera or a smartphone with a high-resolution camera with you because you will regret not having any photos at this place later.


Nasir al-Mulk Mosque: The Colorful Mosque

nasir ol-mulk

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque also known as the Pink Mosque is a structure built with extreme talent and imagination. The colorful window panes and tiles would mesmerize any viewer who set foot inside the building. But make sure to visit the mosque in the morning, not to miss the sunlight and the beautiful dance of color on the turquoise tiles. Tourist Attractions of Shiraz


Vakil Bazaar: The Pleasure of Shopping from the Traditional Shops

vakil bazaar

Right beside the Vakil Congregational Mosque is the Vakil Bazaar. This Bazaar is not only suitable for shopping but also for observing its amazing historic architecture. Walking in this bazaar will help you to know more about the traditional Persian bazaar structure especially because the historic texture is mostly untouched. The width of the main passage and the natural air conditioning system of the Bazaar, have also added to its reputation. You should also visit the Charsou or the quadrivial of the Bazaar. This tall Charsou is at the center and has 4 caravanserais and 5 big doors.


Afif Abad Garden: Royal Resort

afif abad garden

Another tourist attraction in the city of Shiraz. This beautiful garden had been one of the important royal resorts and is a historic site in the city. Afif Abad Garden was built by the ruler of Shiraz in the Qajar Period and inside an upscale neighborhood. This garden includes The Royal Palace, Old Weapon Museum, and the court. The museum is amongst the largest weapon museums inside the Middle East. Tourist Attractions of Shiraz


Vakil Mosque: A Live Museum

Vakil Mosque Shiraz

It is a beautiful and firm structure in the city of Shiraz. The building belongs to the Zand Period with 48 big columns and a tiled ceiling which will attract the attention of every viewer. The tilework is somehow exceptional and the yellow and turquoise tiles are rarely seen in any other place.

Many tourists and travelers who have traveled to Shiraz have spoken about the beauty of the Vakil Mosque. Pierre Loti, the French author, describes: “Fortunately today I entered Karim Khan Mosque (Vakil Mosque). The texture and design of the mosque are simple but you are able to see enamel, green and red colors and this is too fancy. You cannot see a single spot on the walls that have not been enameled carefully. Now we stand in an azure and turquoise castle…”


Vakil Bathhouse: Elegance of the Bathhouse Architecture

Vakil Bathouse

Vakil Bathhouse is among the well-known Persian bathhouses. It was built by the most complex architectural techniques and by the decree of Karim Khan Zand at the heart of Shiraz. Vakil Bathhouse has various spaces with different names like “Garmkhaneh”, “Khazineh”, “Rakhtkan”, and “Shahneshin”. Shahneshin which means “royal perch” is the most important part of the bathhouse. The colorful columns in this part, hold the ceiling that is painted with the scenes of Prophet Muhammad’s ascent, Imam Ali (the third Imam of the Shia Muslims) wars, the meeting of legendary lovers such as “Bijan and Manijeh” and “Shirin and Farhad”. Tourist Attractions of Shiraz


Shapouri House: Architectural Gem

Shapouri House

This place may not be so old but it is one of the amazing tourist attractions in the city of Shiraz. It was built in the Pahlavi Period and at the time of Reza Shah. The architecture of the building is famous because of the reputation of its architect “Abolqasem Mohandesi” and that is what has made this place special. Shapouri mansion was built on Abd ol-Saheb Shapouri’s demand between 1930 and 1935. Generation after generation Shapouri family has been wealthy businessmen, so you can expect to see a luxurious house.


Zinat al-Molk Historical House: The House of Splendor

Zinat Al-Molk House

Zinat al-Moluk or Zinat al-Molk House is a great tourist attraction that you can visit in any season. However, some people recommend autumn for visiting. This place is also the hall of fame of Fars Province which was built between 1911 and 1923. This house has over 20 rooms and the ceiling of the rooms was built of wood logs. There is something special about this place. We can say that the main hall is the most beautiful part of Zinat al-Molk house. The ceiling of the main hall is decorated with mirror work and you can have a great view of the court through large window panes. Tourist Attractions of Shiraz


Maharloo Lake: The Pink Lake

Maharloo Lake

Maharloo Lake is one of the tourist attractions of Shiraz. Despite the fact that it is located far from the city, it doesn’t stop tourists from exploring the area. This spectacular lake is located southeast and 57 kilometers away from the city of Shiraz. If you want to explore the environment around the lake you should enter Fasa-Shiraz Road. The distinctive feature of Maharloo Lake is the color of the water. Due to the high amount of evaporation the water is sour. So, it has become a good living environment for special types of algae that have turned the color of the water red. This place attracts many photographers from different parts of Iran and also the world. It is also worth mentioning that various bird species migrate to or live in the environment.


Narenjestan Garden: Peaceful Qajar Garden

Narenjestan Garden

Shiraz is full of peaceful gardens. Narenjestan Qavam Garden is one of these places. A garden remaining from the Qajar Period built by “Qavam ol-Saltaneh” the Qajar chancellor during the time he ruled over Shiraz. This place which is decorated with mirror work was where Qavam ol-Saltaneh and his family lived. The courtyard is full of fruit and ornamental trees. The oranges of this mansion are well-known and of high quality. The entrance of the garden is on “Lotfali Khan Zand” street.