Uraman Takht

This beautiful wetland is located in a long valley. It is surrounded by mountains covered with trees like Iranian oak in the eastern and western parts. Uraman Takht

Zarivar wetland is one of the most unique freshwater lakes in the world. Cold weather in the winter causes the surface of the lake to freeze entirely, except the 60 spots that are the sources of the lake.

These spontaneous springs provide the water flows of the lake with the help of rain. The area of the wetland is changing due to changes in the amount of water in different seasons. But the approximate amount of water of the wetland has been estimated at about 30 million cubic meters and its maximum depth is 5.5 meters.

Zarivar Lake has a length of 5 km and a width of 1.6 km. It is located at 1285 meters above sea level. The beauty of Zarivar wetland in 3 km to the west of the Marivan city draws many tourists to the area each year.

In addition to the photography of colorful seasons of the wetland, fishing is also a popular activity in this area. Negel Quran ,Uraman Takht