What supplies and equipment you need?

If you have had many trips all around the world and have spent a lot of time in different countries, you will feel the hospitality of the Iranians and you will be fascinated with the atmosphere that is way more friendly than many other countries.

Iran is an incredible country to travel to. The architecture will amaze you, and the friendliness of the people will attract your attention, the country has a rich culture and the landscapes are wonderful.

But it is very misunderstood by many people believing whatever said or heard on the media about the danger or difficulty of traveling to Iran.

Each trip is unique, and for determining what to bring it is better to consult the travel agency. However, these items are generally included: Clothes, phone charger, hairbrush, camera, necessary pills, shampoo, towel, toothbrush and toothpaste, earbuds, nail clipper, map, and the like.

You may also need to bring Iranian cash with you since international credit cards such as the MasterCard and Visa Card won’t work in Iran. What supplies and equipment you need? Do I need to book my hotels before getting an Iranian visa?