World Sparrow Day

World Sparrow Day is celebrated on March 20, 2019. World Sparrow Day is a day designated to raise awareness of the House Sparrow and other common birds to urban environments, and of threats to their populations. It is an international initiative by the Nature Forever Society of India in collaboration with the Eco-Sys Action Foundation (France) and numerous other national and international organizations across the world.

The idea of marking a World Sparrow Day came up during an informal discussion at the Nature Forever Society’s office. The idea was to earmark a day for the House Sparrow to convey the message of conservation of the House Sparrow and other common birds and also mark a day of celebration to appreciate the beauty of the common biodiversity which is taken so much for granted. The first World Sparrow Day was celebrated in 2010 in different parts of the world.

There are 11 species of Sparrow in Iran that a few of them are attractive for foreign tourists as Dead Sea Sparrow; in the southwest of Iran, Pale Rock Sparrow; in Rocky and scrubby areas or semi-deserts and cultivation.