Mashhad is a metropolis in north eastern Iran. It is known as a holy city because of the eighth Imam of Shi’a Muslims and the Imam Reza Shrine. Mashhad means the place of Martyrdom. It is because Imam Reza was killed in this city and it was the capital city of Afsharid dynasty.

It is the second most populated city after Tehran and one of the most populated cities all over world. The tombs of great Iranian poets like, Khayyam and Attar of Nishapur and also the writer of epic Persian poems, Ferdowsi are located a few kilometers away from Mashhad. You can also visit Saffron farms if you drive away from this city.

Attractive sites are: Imam Reza Shrine, Tomb of Nader shah, Goharshahd Mosque, Malek House, The tomb of Attar, The tomb of Khayyam, The tomb of Ferdowsi, Saffron farms and so on.