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Astronomy is a type of natural science which deals with the study of celestial objects and other related phenomena. More interestingly is that it is one of the oldest natural sciences which the man has tried to acquire to fulfill his basic needs through learning the behavior of the sky such as knowing the time of sunrise and sunset.

The footprints of astronomy could also be seen in ancient civilizations like the Babylonians, Mayans, Egyptians, and Chinese and so on.

Today, astronomy is divided into two branches of Observational and Theoretical. Our intention is the observational branch which centers around the observation of celestial objects and wandering through the endless night sky that is a common and interesting entertainment throughout the world.

According to the location of Iran on the pollution map, we find out that a considerable portion of this land has a dark sky and is appropriate for sky observation.

In an observational program, you are able to become familiar with the movement of the stars in the sky and also the constellations under the night sky; and travel deep into the night sky by using a telescope or binoculars to see its appeals and get to know our celestial neighbors.

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